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Für Hersteller:
Positionierung kennen, Verkaufspreise und Wettbewerber wissen

Get to know new competitors and have control about your sales channels in the meantime.

Where are you located in comparison to your competitors?

Have you arranged your competitors accordingly?
Have new competitors recently emerged within the field?

Do your channels of distribution meet their pledge?

Do you already sell your products within your own online shop? See the advantages for online retailers here.

We offer you suitable products, even if you sell your products within the fixed commerce.


That way you’ll constantly be one step ahead of your competitors.

Decipher new competitors fast

You want to be the first one knowing about new competitors? Or you would like to monitor one eager competitor? We’ll let you know about your market position – and the ones of your competitions. Knowing this, you’ll be faster than your competition.

Clear recommended actions for your own positioning

You would like to sharpen the positioning of your company?

We can deliver you the needed data regarding your market position – no matter wether you want to check out the price level, or the product level. 

You can save money by stopping expensive market studies and be ahead of your competitors.

No more price discussion with retailers

You would like to know who in the market sells your products? And for which prices? Or have the information how some retailers are positioning your brand?

We offer you the data to discuss these issues fact based with your retailers. You can save time to and intensify the cooperation with retailers who follow your aims – and achieve higher margins by the way.

Easily control your channels of distribution

You need to know by which way products have come onto the market? And how the pricing is? Maybe it could be relevant for you, when these products have been introduced by the retailers?

We’ll let you know these information on a time line, too. You’ll have full transparency about your distribution channels and can save time and money.

    With Prosoom you’ll receive clear recommended actions immediately – depending on your product you’ll also be able analyse your competitors – or your distribution channels.

    You’ll be able to set your goals individually. Those will be the basis upon which recommended actions are being formulated.

    Due to your product, we’ll constantly spot new competitors automatically– as well as new services.