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We combine professional repricing and a free marketplace.

This way you win new customers, learn more about the needs of your customers and your competition – and thus increase sales and profits.

We offer a perfect, free marketplace for online shops and local retailers. And for retailers, manufacturers and consultants as well as analysts we offer analyzes, repricing and much more!

Our self-learning Prosoom Price Crawler extracts, analyzes and harmonizes … more and more shops, retailers and products.







We offer a free marketplace:
For the first time, customers will find a marketplace in which all retailers can participate free of charge.

Customers do have a problem: they search products to fulfill their dreams, solve their problems and for many other reasons. 

Prosoom offers this product search: Our claim is to have all products of all shops in our search. Our machine learning Prosoom-Price-Crawler collects the products – and makes them transparent for customers.

We do also offer an easy, free option for local retailers to go online with their shop. This way the customers can finally see both – online and local offers.

Of course it is about much more than the price. Customers are interested in availability, consulting, near by options…some important advantages for local retailers.


One marketplace =
online local retailers at eye level

Regardless of whether it is an online shop or a local retailer, at Prosoom all retailers can enter their Data – and be found by the customer.

The customer can decide based on his priorities where he finally buys the products.

Of course the price is important. But often not crucial. Availability, service and others are pretty important as well.   

This marketplace is free of charge for all participants. 

Taking part is easy

Products, prices, availabilities and many other information are directly collected from online shops by our Prosoom-Price-Crawler. After that they are automatically harmonised using state of the art ai technique.

We offer different solutions for local retailers, but also for online shops that want to show always the latest information:

table/manual upload: we send you a link. You fill in the data for each article. That’s all. Or you just start with one, two, three, four articles.

Of course we also offer plenty of automatic interfaces.

Our price monitoring =
your individual dashboard

In your individual dashboard you can see the latest trends anytime.

You can see your own price evolution and those of your competition. 

You can also see how availabilities and product portfoliols are changing. 

Of course you can change your personal data at anytime, set new goals and add products or competitors.


our market analysis =
your concrete instructions for action

You get instructions for action based on your individual targets.

We use ai to do an intelligent und fully automated mapping of the data – the adjustment of your prices or your product portfolio always fits your goals. And you know what the competition does when you are acting.

You can set your data easily and see how transparent the market and your competition can be – while you enjoy the results of your new insights.

We search marketplaces, pricing websites and online shops with our professional  Prosoom-Price-Crawler for your competitors and collect the information. 

Thanks to our intelligent Prosoom-Data-Mapping you do not need to worry about data harmonisation and mapping. 

One price – everything is included. No matter if one hundred articles or one hundred thousands articles, if ten competitors or hundreds of competitors.

We do repricing = competition monitoring:
You see at first glance where to act to be better than you competition.

You can see directly for which products price adjustments are necessary to enhance turnover and margin:

Increase prices, because your pricing is too low and you are giving away margin/turnover.

Decrease prices, because your pricing is too high und you lose margin/turnover. 

Adjust inventories and complete your product portfolio very easily, too.

An endless number of products and competitors, artificial intellogence – and all or a fair price.

artificial intelligence and state of the art microservice architecture

You only tell us your products and your prices.

We collect the information of your competition with our Prosoom-Price-Crawler from the web.

All of this product and pricing data is than beeing cleared, structured and harmonised by our Prosoom-Data-Mapping-Software using state of the art AI technique.

one Prosoom-Price – no matter how many products and competitors

No matter how big your competitor is, no matter how many competitors you have, no matter how many products you have to monitor – no matter how your business is evolving:

You only pay one monthly fee – that quickly pays off over the many advantages of Prosoom.

cloud based

You do not need any own server or install another software. Our system is completely cloud based.


No matter how fast your business in growing. The number of products and competitors is unlimited – and our software can handle big data.


You can test Prosoom for one month for free. And then cancel monthly.

24/7 support

You can reach a personal contact person anytime, whenever you need.


We can deliver the right data for all kinds of requests.


We do not limit the number of products or competitors. And we have no additional, hidden costs.

best data quality

Using intelligent data mapping and state of the art technologies we can offer excellent data quality.

high security level

Here your data is safe. Without compromise.