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Für den lokalen Handel:
Wettbewerbspreise kennen, Portfolio optimieren, Bestände reduzieren

Have an eye on your competition. Be visible online. Without any effort.

Do you have numerous competitors, online and offline?

Do you have to justify prices towards your customers frequently, even though you do not have the time to watch your competitors online?

Would you like to know which products are often being ordered in combination with others?

In case you also market your products within an online shop, see the products for online retailers right here


All of this can be accomplished fast – and before you know it, you’ll constantly be one step ahead of your competitors.

Unscramble the online trade easily

You finally want to feel competitive regarding the online retailers?

You need transparancy of market pricing?

We can let you know what to do. Increase your customer satisfaction, your turnover and your margin – and be a more equal competitor to the onliners.

Optimization of capital

You want to stock only the products worth it? We can let you know which products to keep in stock.

This way you tie up only the really needed capital. And your customers are satisfied – because in opposition to online shops, they get the urgently needed products the same day.

Better portfolio of product

You want to expand, downsize or optimise your product portfolio? Using your competition data you can see where and how to differentiate. And you will also find out what your competition offers and you do not.

Know-how of the competition

You would like to be aware of products, services, delivery times, opening hours of your competitors? That’s easy for us! With this data you can adapt to market changes easily and fast – and be always one step ahead your competitors.

    Define your competitors individually – whether online or offline. We’ll also help you find those competitors that you do not know yet.

    We offer you defined recommended actions dependent on your goals. Those are conveniently structured, depending on your personal goal and scope.

    Not a single question will remain open – and in case it does anyway, we’ll be more than happy to help you out.