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repricing, portfolio optimisation, inventory optimisation and positioning

for online shops, local retailers, online marketing agencies, consultants and manufacturer

1. Always offer the right prices at the right time

You always know the perfect price for each of your product. 

Your price is never too high, but never too low.

The development at the market, changes at your competitors as well as your personal goals are beeing taken into consideration.

You can reach your margin goals and increase your tunrover in the same time.

2. Always have enough products on stock

Inventory costs and ties up money – but often pays off. If customers need a product immediately the retailer wins, that has this product on stock.

If time is not a decisive criterion, the customer will not pay for the availability.

We give you the means to plan your inventory optimally. 

Based on your individual targets and the changes of your competitors.

3. Offer products that the customer are looking for

New products are added, manufacturers offer products matching yours, new manufactures are coming – but which of these products should be added to the portfolio and which ones will not sell eventually?

Modern artificial intelligence software can easily provide answers to these questions.

We will show you recommendations for new products and as always – based on your goals and based on the actions of your competitors.

4. Offer service when the customers need it

Customer service is the perfect tool to offer satisfying support and to stand out from the competition.

In the meantime it costs money and time. And this is why this time should be invested when the customers are demanding support.

Our Prosoom-Price-Crawler can tell you, when your competition offers service and can recommend you the perfect service times and options based an this data.

5. Deliver as fast as customers need it

Sometimes an express delivery is worth a lot, sometimes standard delivery is worth just the same.

Do not only offer what the customers expects at least, also what they do not expect, but appreciates.

Decide fast how to stand out from the competition with the Prosoom-market-transparency.

The easy and fast solution for your branch


Show always the right prices!

See easily if your price is too high or too low. For all products, in comparison to your competition.

Increase sales and margin – and save time.

Portfolio optimisation

Do not miss any new products or the most famous products. Let us show you automatically, which new products should be added to your protfolio.

Be faster than your competition.

inventory management

Put the right products in stock. See which products your competition is stockpiling.

You can enhance your chances of succes and reduce stock risks and capital commitment in the meantime.


market positioning

Do not loose sight of any of your competitors. Whe show you, which competitor is adressing which customer groups.

So you can focus on doing what makes the most fun: your business.

online shops

You have to monitor many competitors? Large inventories? Different branches? Fast changing products? Changing services and availabilities?

We have the fully automated solution for all these problems.

local retailers

You are beeing compared to your online competitors permanently? Do service for customers who buy online eventually? Invest too much money in online advertisment that eventually does not pay off?

You can have online visibility for free and really fast. And in the meantime you can check out what the competition is doing.

consultants & analysts

Your customers are expecting sales increases? Better visibility? More margin?

You can tell them, what they have to do to reach their targets.

With our intelligent analysis, individually for your customers.


Your brand is beeing pushed by new providers? You are not sure in which price range you should position your products? You do not know for which prices your reseller finally sell? You want to know your toughest competitor?

Your solution is our fully automated software tool!