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Unser kostenfreier Marketplace:
Ein Gewinn für Endkunden, Online-Shops und lokale Händler.

One free marketplace for online retailers and local retailers

On our online marketplace we bring supply and demand togehther. From online retailers as well as from local shops – no matter how big or small.

We collect the information from online shops from the websites – or they upload data feeds.

Local retailers can upload data feeds (spreadsheets) or they can connect via an API. 

We merge everything into an offer, from which the customer can choose. The customer will not decide based on the price only – we are sure about that.

We collect data from online shops

You wanto to be part of our online marketplace? No problem. With our professional price crawler we will collect the data from your shop sooner or later.

online shops can make it easy for us

Online Shops can use standards from This technology characterises prices, products and offers using standardised html naming and meta information. We (particularly) like that.

YOu can also upload a data feed or spreadsheet. This is the easiest way.

local retailers have it just as easy

We will send you a link to a table. In this spreadsheet with only five columns you enter each product, that you want to see online.

You do not have to start with all products at once – you can also start with a handful.

how differ online and local offers

Not at first. All different offers are shown next to each other in the search results. 

Customers look for offers with a suitable price/performance ratio. Often local retailers can offer that even better than online shops. They offer right now availability, service, no shipping fees…- this convinces customers. They often just do not know that this local shop, right around the corner, sells this product.

    You can upload your data using a data feed (spreadsheet). Then we send you a link to an online table, that you can open in your local Excel or edit directly in the browser – you do not have to install anything.

    Online shops can also upload their data this way – or via the price crawler.

    The collected data is then shown in our product search.

    The customer can finally search all products in all shops using one marketplace and one search.

    This offer is free for all participating shops and all customers.

    local retailers:

    You are better,
    than you think!

    This is a personal encouragment for the local retailers:

    We can see, that often the price is not the decisive criterion: immediate (!) availability, service, consultation, option to “touch” the products…there are many advantages for local retailers.

    And even if the price is the decisive criterion: local retailers are often even cheaper than the online competitors. But nobody knows about it. We want to change this. And by the way: meanwhile many customers have understood, that delivery costs money, too.