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Prosoom – this is us!

We founded the Prosoom GmbH in summer 2019. Our first thought was – as often for start ups – “Why hasn’t someone else had this idea before?”

After a lot of research, prototyping and the first lessons learned we made it to the start! 

What we do: 

  • we collect data for our customers:
    • Collecting of data like prices, availabilities and many more from the web
    • feeds from local retailers or small shops
    • clearing and structuring of the data
    • harmonisation of the data using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques
    • providing that data via reporst and/or interfaces
    • creating an online marketplace and product search for customers
  • this price search is an market place for online and local shopping options. Customers can find their perfect retailer and we will forward the customer to the retailer directly – and for free.
  • we offer the information to retailers, manufacturers or consultants to get to know the market (prices, availabilities, services and more) but also the customer demand (search requests of the customers) to optimise their market positioning. 

Basically the bring together information about the market and of the demand. This is interesting for customers, but also for retailers and manufacturers. 

What we do not do:

  • we do not advise – every retailers has a different business model, that he knows best.
  • we do not take care of the flow of goods, processes, internal company information and the integration of our data into company data.

values are important for us:

In our company these values determine our acting:

  • fair
  • open
  • transparent
  • we take (social) responsibility

No matter how hard we discuss things sometimes…beeing respectful with each other is very important for us.

where we are:

Prosoom is still small, but has two location: Minden, in the new “technology and innovation center”, a gerat coworking and offices space and in Norderstedt, a city near Hamburg in Germany. 

stay up to date:

Follow our  Facebook-Channel oder YouTube-Channel, then you will not miss a thing. 🙂

by the way,…

… we have a motto 🙂

“through the PROSOOM!!!”